well this is my first guitar which i have been playing for around 2 years.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Alpine).
i was wondering if anyone has taken the faceplate of their guitar and what it looks like?
and does it lower the guitar in value?
also this is a great guitar and would recommend it to anyone.
The faceplate? You mean the black pickguard? I took that off the minute I got home (looks a LOT better IMO), it's two screws and you can put it back on if you're going to sell it.
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I see that done ALL the time... and like he said, there's only 2 screws, one on the bottom, and one right where the neck meets the neck pup.... it's very unnoticable. And like he also said, you can always put it back on.

Many people take the pickguard off their Les Pauls... as well as other modifications. Just look at Buckethead - his Les Paul has 24 frets, a killswitch, one tone/volume knob, DiMarzio pickups and white hardware. That's about as custom as you get.
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i like LP's with pickerds, but i also like LP's without pickerds, and i also like buckethead, wow eh, those fingers
If you take off the pickguard doesn't it leave two holes just sitting there in your guitar? Wouldn't it look like crap?
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