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I'll be heading off to the store in a few days to get me an Ibanez Xiphos. Problem is I just can't make up my mind on what color I want it to be. I've completely ruled out the green chameleon because it is simply too ugly. Chameleon Red and Black look awesome.


unless the red is like a bad photo or something, heed for the bleck
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That's the ugliest shade of red I've ever seen.
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Go with the red, it looks so much better and in different light it changes to green. I saw some pics of a show a local band did and their guitarist had the red chameleon and it looks awesome.
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Red, black smudges too easily.
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It's Chameleon Red, not that I know what it means, but the "Chameleon" is probably what makes it weird. Go with black.
Call the "red" one whatever you want to guys, but Ibanez obviously thinks its "Chameleon Red", so...
Even though I think black guitars have become way too cliche... get the black one this time.
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Red, black is boring.
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Get chameleon red, trust me. I'm not too fond of your choice of guitar, but I have a PRS in black and it is the worst possible color for a guitar. It smudges way too easily, it brings out even the smallest dents, you can see all of the scratches (I don't have a pickguard.), and you can see how dusty it gets, and it's just impossible to keep clean.
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Has anyone here actually seen the black one up close, and can tell me if it has that sparky-ish finish that the others have? If it does, I'm going red. I'f it's gonna be black, it has to be smooth.
There's a black Xiphos?
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OH ****. I change my answer. I picked red, but the Black one looks a helluva lot better. The "red" looks... just weird, to put it plainly.
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sweet guitar, i prefer it in black!

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I think the TS will know what to do next

I don't normally like black guitars, but the red is fugly.
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Black, the 'red' colour is pukey.
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both suck, get the green one.

This! I forgot about the green.
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That "red" color makes me feel ill.

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Quote by diminishedtobme
both suck, get the green one.

This indeed.
I have the Xiphos in green and personally I think it's much cooler than the black or red.
But since you've ruled out green I voted black.
Irony FTW.

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Hmm, ID get somthing other then black, as it shows up finger rpints really bad when you stand infront a light on stage, and it just looks dirty as anything.
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Get the green. But black is second
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