Ok so today I'm doing some quick mods on my bass. I need some help. ok I tightened up some screws on the pickguard, but the major (and kinda minor) mod was that I had an incident with my band a couple of days ago where I stepped on my cable and the whole frickin jack came out . Talk about a failure show. But luckily I had my backup bass. So I put that whole thing in a wired it back and tightended the the nut for the jack. Ok now I want to do some mods on the pickups, how far should I screw them back in? Should I do work on the headstock? If so what? I kinda got this bass new a couple months ago and I havent had trouble until now, so now is the time to make the real quick mods to make it sound great!!

change pots and caps for noload pots and caps for orange teardrop
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