so they slide around quite a bit. i was wondering if anybody here has a remedy for this. i'm pretty good a jury-rigging. i just can't think of anything to fill the gap

thanks for the help
You could maybe find some rubber O-rings that would get them to fit snugly in the hole or wrap the shaft with a thin line of tape.
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re tape: You could use this teflon tape thing (I think they call it plumber's tape?) and layer it till it fits snug. It seems to come off pretty easy and nicely too, whenever I've used it.
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yeah, tape will work
btw, don't you love it when you spend 3+ hours rewiring your guitar with a concentric volume knob and 2 split-coil, push/pull tone knobs and you plug it in and it all works flawlessly? and you haven't fried a capacitor, or pulled out a pickup lead, or have any mysterious shorts, or crackly pots?
damn, i love it
Surely there are washers either side of the hole and a bolt that screws down onto the pot to keep it in place? So just tighten the top nut and it shouldnt move.

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