Hey UG... I was wondering what the best electric guitar was for a clean almost acoustic sound is
a hollow body?
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electric acoustic?
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well if you really want an acoustic sound you could get an acoustic, but to stay with the electric you could get an acoustic pedal like this one http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-AC3-Acoustic-Simulator?sku=151043

that way you an buy whatever electric you want. However i can't vouch for the pedals, i dont know if they are any good. When i want an acoustic sound i grab the acoustic guitar
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meh. you can have any of the above guitars but if your amp sucks. you're done and done. if you buy the right amp, it will sound almost acoustic in clean channel. my amp sounds real good clean at low gain. it just amplifies the guitar's acoustic sound without added anything. i think that's the sound you're after. semi-hollow is good with a good amp and i recommend a chorus pedal for the 12-string effect to make it sound more acoustic
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