So, I'm trying to figure out what settings I should have my mixer at, and the settings on my guitar. ie. the treble, bass, midd's on the guitar, and then the hi, mid and lo on my mixer. Right now, it keeps coming out very cheap sounding, if you will. Any recommendations? I'm not expecting anyone to tell me precisely, but I don't know anything about EQ, like should the hi's be all the way to the right or left, and mid's, etc. etc.

Here's the mixer I'm using:
DI normally sounds good for Bass guitar but micing is something I always do with acoustics...if you have a good set of mics such as a Rode NT1A or MXL 990 and 991

Even if you DI, just keep the EQ and everything set flat on the mixer and once the audio track is recorded you can adjust EQ and such in the recording program.

This is why mixers/interfaces such as this unit are mostly useless IMO. If you use the on board EQ and such you put them into the track and cant undo them in editing.
They offer more inputs however a product such as the PreSonus FP10 offers lots of inputs and preamps as well as being able to mix using the software.
All that was mentioned above...

And just to add...
I always use my ears to mix. Forget all the rules n all, just do what sounds right to you.

And i'ld say first just get a raw recording of your guitar. It'll sound cheap n all (unless you're using a Taylor acoustic), then once you've got the raw recording, later u can enhance it by adding a compressor, EQ, some delay and reverb on top of it.
I agree with moody07747, change the EQ when it's all recorded, that way you can always go back and change it.