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I think it's Metalcore. It's heavily influenced by Darkest Hour. None of the solos are final.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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Good stuff. Downloaded this because I know you made some quality songs in the past, and I like Darkest Hour, been following their output closely since Mark of Judas, though not much fond of their newer stuff. anyways..

As always it seems you're pretty competent in what you're doing, as far as the general arrangemant is concerned. Though the first riff doesn't do much for me, reminds me too much of the newer Darkest Hour. Just personal opinion, not a fault of your execution. I could see this work with some raspy vocals, as you know how some riffs often simply fall flat in midi. Section from bar 19 is a welcome change, connects nicely to the harmonic progression of the riff (though I prefer the way it is played in bar 73, exactly the way I would have done it, packs more punch). Bar 27 ongoing is almost too cliche, in a "heard variations on this thousand times before" way, but hey - it works. Though I might make the drumpattern a more driving snare-kick-snare-kick-... eightnotes beat, at least in later repeats for increased intensity.
First solo pretty much sucked. Sorry, I only say this so harsh because I've seen and enjoyed much more quality work from you (or maybe you write collaboratively with your bandmates (as it should be) and the quality input varies from member to member). No melodic direction, no sense in the rhythms. But as you said, it may just be provisory for now. Also not too fond of the riff bar 47 ongoing, although there's not much wrong with it itself, it just doesn't work in this particular song for me, kinda too happy, sounds rather like something Bullet for my Valentine would be doing - or newer Darkest Hour, but hey, anyways..
Clean interlude could be a bit more adventurous then just restating the chorus riffs, although I'm sure you intended it as a builtup to the climax. Second solo was better than the first, although still not too catchy or memorable. The pulloff lick is nice, but kinda out of place, I'd rather put something like this at the end of a climaxing solo rather than starting out with it (you know, dynamics, dosage of intensity stuff). It may not have grabbed me that much because of the rhythm chords, straight powerchords may work better here, as the low harmony chords kinda make it muddy and don't punch that much.

Anyways, it's good work. If I don't like it too much, that's just a matter of personal taste and not any wrongs in your compositional craft. Like I said, I liked some of your other works, so I may have a higher standart of expectations
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That drum intro was uber melodic. 1st riffs are nothing speical. The 2nd bit with the chords was cool. 3rd piece wasnt my thing either. the bit starting at 51 was wicked. i loved that bit. same with the solo at 89. I say this way to much but go easy on those harmonys. i liked the acoustic part at 109 although u could make it abit more interesting.

It was ok. 7/10