Hey guys, I'm interested in buying a new pedal, and a phaser one seems pretty cool. What's a good phaser pedal that ranges from about 100 to 200 dollars? I play lots of Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. Is the Digitech Hyper Phase pedal any good?
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if you want to go for the classic sound get the MXR Phase 90
Jimmy Page had one, as did David Gilmour

failing that, the Electroharmonix Small Stone is another classic
ehx small stone, or boss ph-3. I really liked the ph-3, can do any phase you want.
For the classic stuff you just mentioned, you cant go wrong with a MXR Phase 90.

Or an EHX Small Stone.
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Small Stone is my personal pick as I love mine dearly

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yeah, I second the Phase 90 or the Small Stone. I personally have a Small Stone, and I love that thing as well...
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