im looking for sounds heard in Blaqk Audio
stuff like that.

the Alesis Micron is popular..the cheapest thing i can find..will that do it?

any other suggestions?
for more synth type sounds, Korg is the way to go
For more "natural" type sounds such as pianos, keys, and strings...go for a Roland module.

The new Roland V-Synth XT Synthesizer is a "top of the line" type product and does a just about everything....and very well.

however it costs a lot...

What budet do you have set aside?
you may also want to look into this:

The Yamaha MOTIF Rack ES is a nice synth module IMO and you can probably find a used one on ebay. It's a good synth unit if you have a MIDI controller already.
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The new Roland V-Synth XT Synthesizer is a "top of the line" type product and does a just about everything....and very well.

I'd have to disagree. The V-synth is very capable for what it is, but no matter how capable it still sounds like what it is. A digital subtractive synth. It has a very digital, zippery sound to it. Not that this is a bad thing, but it is something you can't get around with it. Being a VA based engine, even with the physical modeling, it still is no good as an emulator of any acoustic instruments aside from the most basic sine-wave woodwind emulation, or D-50 type bells and whatnot.

The Roland soundset does appear to have great acoustic samples, but they sound much better solo than in a mix. They cut through relatively poorly seem to take up alot of sonic space without actually hearing what you want to hear.
Alesis Micron
Korg MicroKorg

^ These are your two cheapest options. They both are decent for what they do. I have seen both played live and both do just fine. I would suggest trying them out before you buy. They are set up differently.

Micron- Single small screen that you scroll through, has Set list which helps with that. Full size keys. Lights up. Quite sturdy.


MicroKorg - Layout is printed on the board. Different presets are easy to find. Small keys. Focus on techno/hiphop/trance type stuff.


Also another thing that you could look into if you would be going for a midi keyboard and software. This can get you some very nice sounds and open up a whole lot for a smaller price than going for a full blown highend synth. If you have a laptop available to you then this might be a great option. It must be fast though or you are going to be waiting for load times on stage which is not so hot.


HINT: stay clear of Casio or anything deamed a "portable" if you plan on live play. These are usually the lowest of the low and are not suitable for anything other than banging out ideas. (Thats what I use mine for lol). Not really gig or recording worthy as they do not have the propper inputs or a sound quality that is worth anything.

Good luck with your decision.

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MicroKorg is pretty good and straightforward to use.

And although its a software, i'ld say Reason has some absolutely amazing synths.
All three, the Subtractor, Malmstrom and Thor are just amazingly powerful. You can create any possible sound with these synths as long as you know what you're doing...
i forgot to mention..my budget is anywhere under $500
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^its still pretty easy to use.
If he's a newbie at synths, he's gonna get all bogged down by Oscillators, Filters and LFO's. They do take a good while to get your head around...
Which is why I'd recommend a used Roland Sh-201. Great VA sound, has the entire signal chain mapped out right in front of your eyes, with nearly all one-function knobs. Full sized keys as well, and no menu-diving to worry about.
SH-201 Gets awsome sounds. Easy to use and to opperate. Its all layed out on the display for you with arrows and all to point the way.

Now just so you know your not going to be playing any orchestral or grand piano with this one at all. (not the micron or microkorg either). These synths are virtual analog and are all synth sounds no sampling here.

So as long as your not looking to recreate an isntrument that is not a synth then your good.

Did I mention that I wish I had one of those. Dang. Should have bought one when I had the chance. Oh well. To poor now. I am up for donations though ; )