Well I just got a MIM Fender P-bass and now I need an amp. I want a punchy pop-punk sound. Some bands I like include Lifetime, Saves the Day, Set Your Goals, and Daggermouth. My budget is about $800 for both a head and cab and not much more bc I dont even have that much yet.

Today at my local guitar shop I spotted an older SVT-3Pro for $450, is that a good deal? That plus an Ampeg 4x10 would probably end up somewhere around my budget, maybe a little more. I've also heard good things about Ashdown MAGs as well but I've never seen one in person to actually play it.

Me being a guitarist I dont know much at all about bass amps except that all of my favorite bands use Ampeg so any help I can get is much appreciated.
I like all Ampeg. $450 looks like a pretty good deal on SVT-3 , but if it is old you'll want to play it for a while to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it. Give a listen to any Hartke stuff you can find.
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Saves the Day's current bassist (Manny) uses an Ampeg SVT-2 Pro head with an Ampeg 8X10 cabinet. I'm not sure what Eben used if you're only into their old stuff.
^ Thanks for that info thats nice to know. Too bad I'll never be able to afford that though..
Just for starters, I'm sure you'll know, being a guitarist, that brand names get thrown around a fair bit in music. The reason most of our favourite bands' bassists use Ampeg is because Ampeg is well know, sort of the Marshall of bass if you will. On that note, be prepared to pay a huge sum of money for the name. (This isn't a slight against the tone, as I love the tone personally, but it's just not what I consider value for money!)

As far as the SVT3PRO goes, I've never tested this theory as I've never cranked one at stores, but the power rating is considered VERY over-shot. As in, it's allot quieter than other amps could possibly be. As I repeat, I haven't tested this myself, just what I've heard (Albeit, very frequently).

As for heads, my picks would be - (In order of preference)

GK 400rb

Gallien Krueger is known for growly tone, which would sound pretty good as a complimentary amp to you P-Bass , and have been known to be conservative in power ratings, so should be just adequate for gigging.

Warwick Profet 3.2

I've just tried these recently, nice tone, ample power. Would probably go for this if you were wanting to warm up your tone slightly, as GK is squeaky clean.

MarkBass Little Mark

Well, again, haven't tried these, but people over on my other forum (Talkbass) have been raving about these, as well as the following amplifier, with much excitement. If you can handle the fact you will have a small amp (Not a bad thing, as we all know us folks with Half Stacks and such are just compensating :peace in size, it should be a good choice. Apparently has a darker tone, heading up the tubier end of the solid state spectrum.

Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0

Again, haven't tried it (Becoming a theme, no?) but I DO own a Genz Benz GBE1200, which is more or less the granddaddy of the Genz Benz range. I like the Genz tone, is capable of a whole lot, punchy and clear. If the Shuttle is anything like my amp, and you can stretch your budget, I would definitely consider it. It should also be noted these are also getting Rave Reviews on Talkbass.

Nemesis Rs-400

Haven't tried this, but looks fairly promising.

Speaker cabs?
Well, I would like to emphasize the importance of speakers. More speakers = more air moved = more actual power for your power rating. At this price range, you are in 410/210/115/112 territory. Personally, I'd go with a 410, just for a good compromise of speaker area, definition, and punch, and the option of adding a 210/410/115 later for a full or 3/4 stack. You may like the sound of 15's or 12's better though, which will both offer more low end response (To the ear, it will be hard to tell the difference, in all honesty, between a 410 and these). You will definitely feel a 15" speaker more, as the rumble will shake through you, but you won't have the response and definition of 10's. 12's are the punchiest speakers known to man, lovely to use, and a halfway point between 10's and 15's definition wise. Now, there are people who use and swear by 12's, and claim they offer all that a 10" does and more, but i personally believe there is more definition on the higher register with 10's, more a sparkly tone. Though in Pop-Punk (From what I've heard) The basslines aren't running up and down the neck (e.g Dream Theater) So you may just want the solid tone 12's offer. So my pick for you, 10" or 12" speakers. But let your ears decide.

As my recommended Cabinet picks - (Again, in order of preference)


A decent cabinet, and definite contender for cabinets in this price range. I like 410's so this will come first on my list (Also fuelled by my affinity for GK )

Ashdown MAG 410

Gets a good name round here, and I know why. Ashdown has good tone, warm as it is, almost fluffy if you will. Dunno how much it delivers on the punch factor, but will be solid nonetheless.

Genz Benz LS112

I like Genz Benz aswell, and if you like 12" speakers, you'll like this. Possibly a better quality buy than the GK 410BLX, as there isn't a 'budget' line to Genz as there is to GK. Many people use these in combination with the shuttle heads from Genz Benz.

Avatar B212

(Slight budget stretch) Avatar are known for being great speaker cabinets at cheap prices on talkbass, and it has only got the title of fourth mention because I've never tried them. Again, a 12" speaker cab, so you may or may not prefer this to 10's. Definitely looks solid by any chance.

Avatar B410

(Slight budget stretch) The 410 brother to the B212, more or less in line with my idea of tone (All hail 10's )
Again, haven't tried, but looks solid.


Funny how I originally thought I'd do a 5 minute response huh?
This is just my view on the current situation, of course the best thing still is to go try out what you can, and just take my words with a grain of salt Let your ears decide!
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^Thanks a lot for all of that info it's been really helpful. I'm really interested in Markbass but not so much that one as the Little Mark II. It's got 500W of power so that plus a 4 ohm 4x10 should be perfect, right? This would be a large budget stretch but it seems worth it as it would last me a long time. About the cabinets, I think I'm pretty much deadset on a 4x10. I'm kind of turned off of the GK cab though as I've heard a lot of bad things about the Backline series. Maybe it's only the heads that are supposed to be bad but idk. I see a lot of Ampeg 4x10s on Craigslist so maybe thats something I should look for. That would push my budget a whole lot but bear in mind I'll be trying to look used.
If you manage to get the LMII with a decent 410, you'll be happy for many years to come.
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Thanks for clearing that up. As I said, I hadn't actually tried the amp, only been going by what I had heard.
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