Who here has seen it?

I recently saw it and i can't stop quoting.. it's just so horribly great.

what are your thoughts on it?
i thought it was great myself.

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Didn't that come out like... 6+ months ago?. Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed it. Not quote-it-often enjoy it, but laughed-during-it enjoy it.

Yeah, I think it came out last August. I thought it was a pretty funny movie.
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i try to live my life by it
i don't know where you guys might be getting off who will diss it
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i seriously did not laugh once, all though i will say it was better than Epic Movie. saw that and wanted my money back, even after i realized i was pirating it.
COOL BEANS!! Haha its so stupid its funny, so many lines 2 quote!
So terrible I actually walked out on it.

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It looked terrible from the previews, but someone convinced me to see it, and it was fucking fantastic.

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It was the type of awesome random humor I love. The Punch Dancing scene made me laugh pretty hard.