Ok. I guess REVOLUTION RIOT is a mix of hardrock/sleaze and punk...
Influences: Mötley crue,Guns n´roses, AC/DC, Kiss, Aerosmith, Hellacopters etc.

On my "Myspace", their will be different music whenever I make new songs on guitar... (maybe some songs with vocals to soon.) From acoustic rock to deathmetal.
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Here are a review of the bands latest album, "Blues for the spiritually retarded"...
More reviews: www.revolutionriot.com

"In the shadow of the great new releases from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and
CRASH DIET the Swedish band REVOLUTION RIOT was almost overlooked. Nevertheless the band's second album, "Blues For The Spiritually Retarded", is a real killer! REVOLUTION RIOT take no prisoners and rock at full steam! But no matter how heavy the guys rocks, they still have a nose for good and instantly igniting melodies. All their songs are catchy as hell. Well, and with singer 'Glitz' the band features a great singer whose rough and powerful voice reminds me of a mixture of John
Corabi and Sebastian Bach. If you like BACKYARD BABIES, NASTY IDOLS or CANDY HARLOTS then don't miss REVOLUTION RIOT! (Marco Späth)"
At this point I am getting kind of lazy and since you provided two separate links for two totally different things I'm only going to comment on songs of each profile (at least for now).

Firstly, I'm going to listen to Revolution Riot. The song that auto-played for me was "24 7 Machine" and it sounds pretty good overall. It sounds kinda punky to me, and it's pretty catchy. The lead vocals fit the music really well and the recording quality is good - everything is mixed really well. The break with the cowbell sounds great and the lead guitar part fits very well. Good track overall - I could see it having some commercial success.

Next is "Seven Days" and listening I'm not a fan of the lyrics - but that's really just personal preference. I like the other track better because it had a lot more energy and this seems to lack that same feel. It sounds too chant-ey for me during the chorus bit. However, it is a good quality recording and everything is mixed really well. All the parts fit together well, so you've got a good song but I don't like it very much due to my own opinions.

Now I'll move onto your songs and the first to play is "hardrocksong". The guitar sounds okay, but the drumming sounds terrible - it sounds like MIDI drums or something of the sort. The drum part is kinda boring and it doesn't really fit that well but the guitar part sounds pretty good. The drumming actually gets painfully irritating by the end of the song because it's the same for the entire thing.

"Metal" is even worse because the drums sound exactly the same. I do like the arpeggios on the guitar though. I recommend totally removing the drum parts until you have someone to play drums for you. I like the lead line around 1:05, it sounds really good.

My final judgment is that Revolution Riot is really good, though not my style of music. Unfortunately, I really, really, really, really, really detest the electronic drumming in your songs. It could be better, but it's the SAME thing for the ENTIRE song. I recommend removing it or writing something more interesting. While writing this I heard the opening to your last tune and I quite liked the guitar lick there, so good stuff overall.

If you've got the time, check out my acoustic project and let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
I will change the "drums" etc. The songs are not finished at all, I was just recording the
riffs mostly for myself one night..But i wanted to see if anybody thought it could become good songs of it anyway. And many seems to like the riffs in "Hardrocksong", But I will work on it more. That song is proberbly going to be a new song for my band.. but the other two I made just for fun..but maybe I do something more with the "metal"-song later.

About the band, Im not playing on these songs, I started last year, but i will play on the next demo/album.