I'm thinking of upgrading my B.C Rich from it's onboard humbucking pickups for an EMG 85 and 81 set.
Because I'm a practically a beginner in this field, I'm asking you guys to see how much it will actually change the way my guitar plays, And if it's worth the expensive price($201).
Incase it matters, I play metal.
Yeah man it will make a difference, I wouldnt do it yourself, a good store wont charge you too much im sure!

Also it wont affect how your guitar plays at all, just how it sounds plugged in!
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itll just change the eq of the guitar really, so if you are close to the tone you want you might be better buying an eq pedal. but if you want a heavier eq emgs will do it.
Spending 200 bucks on pickups as a beginner is a bit of a waste. You probably have one of the the bronze series BCrich guitars and a cheaper SS practice amp. So a set of EMGs will do little for you. Save the money for a better amp down the road.
Not necessarily a practice amp, but your close enough with my guitar.
Thanks for the information!