Okay so I was thinking of getting this guitar form zzounds.com. What I was wondering is, am I gonna have to pay any extra fees that aren't included on the website? I've heard from people that I'll have to pay more then the actual price+shipping+taxes. Something like paying for it to go through the customs.

If that's the case, would I avoid those extra fees if they don't go through the customs? Like if it comes from my country(Canada). Thanks for the help
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if it comes from your country you'll only have to pay postage and packaging but if it comes from another country you'll have to pay import fees
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You're buying a guitar online? That's the first mistake there.

Especially if you actually live in Montreal itself. there are some great stores there. Buy a guitar in person. Get one where you actually, specifically like that one. All guitars are not created equal.
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