Hi, Im kind of new to guitar. I played for a bit but other things got in the way... but I am back.

Im about to restring my Oscar Schmidt guitar (sub company of wash burn) with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. It's the bright pink package. I don't know how much more information I should give so I'll type out the package

Ernie Ball Super Slinky
Custom Gauge Nickel wound guitar strings, 2223 made in USA.

Was this a good choice to buy? I really don't know about strings, I just knew that Ernie Ball is a good name.

I have a really crappy acoustic guitar, (100 bucks from the sears catalog for Christmas... first guitar, nova, etc.) and since I don't have a cash for a proper one, I think I think Im just going to restring it.
I have two of these Ernie Ball packs, can the other strings go on my acoustic?

Thanks for understanding, and i hope to be a guitar god tomorrow.
Well yea, they can, put they wont sound too great. Altho they probably will make the guitar play easier, they wont exactly sound great.
Like, how bad are we talking?
My acoustic already sucks, but I want something kind of decent.
Get a pack of light Elixer acoustic strings. Never put the .9.42 slinkies on acoustics. I don't even like those on electric.