im looking for some cool solos to play. it can be metal, punk, anything that sounds cool. not too easy but definetly not hecka hard plase. thank you.
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I think the solo to Panama isn't too hard if you can just get the right tabs for it.
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see if you can get the solo to "burn the witch" by queens of the stone age.

it sounds easy and it probably would be with time, but i've not found a good tab yet.

(quick request there, sneaky)
First solo in Black Magic Woman. Or the second. On the easy side but they sound cool.
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Search and Destroy by Iggy Pop, great solo.
Alive by Pearl Jam.
Black Thumbnail by Kings of Leon
Dazed and Confused by Zeppelin
Time by Pink Floyd
Where is my Mind by Pixies
I Could of Lied by Chilli's
Killing in the Name by Rage
Refuse, Resist by Sepultura
Siva by Smashing Pumpkins
Lonely Day by System
Cold Sweat by Thin Lazzy
Anything by Hendrix
Slither by Vevlet Revolver

Theres loads.
how bout in the name of god from dream theater?

ok maybe the solo from death and the healing from wintersun
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hey man, try doin the solo to barracuda by heart

yeah, that's a really good solo. It sound's really beast.

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Strip My Mind by RHCP is really simple but it sounds pretty cool
The solo from Freebird is a good one to know. It has some cool riffs in it and its not to hard to learn.
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