Okay, I know I'm gonna get bashed for having an Edge III on my guitar, but in the future I plan to switch it out with an OFR... but in the mean time I've got a question...

Basically what the title said, how do you get the tremolo arm to stay upright while playing, mine always falls down and spins around, but I want to get it in a sturdy position like this:

Thats the same guitar I have if thats any help, RG320FM..

Any help would be nice
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I did not know you could get the arm sturdy like that?
All trem guitars I've seen the arm is always loose like that. I have no problem with it being like that on my guitars.

Maybe I just havnt seen one yet. I've only been playing for 2 years.

Check if there's a hole there.

If you find it, insert a small allen key and tighten the bar.
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