im thinking about doing a first build but there are still a lot of loose ends i need to tie up. i dont even have a design in mind yet. but what do you think about maple as a guitar body? i know its mostly used for necks but is it a good idea for use in a body?
Maples gonna be really bright and trebly, but is a solid, quite hard wood. Maybe get some darker, bassier pickups and the maple could balance em out.
maple is a decent wood to use for bodies, its a very bright sounding wood. it only has one real downfall, that being its weight.

my first guitar was maple

I say do Alder or swamp ash.
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Maple is fine to do as a body, but you will get a very, very bright, trebly sound. As mentioned before, just use your electronics to even things out. It will be very heavy, but as long as you have a good strap it won't feel too bad.
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it only has one real downfall, that being its weight.

I would submit that it has two downfalls. It can also be difficult to work with. It is often very hard. It also tends to burn easily when you're using a saw, router, or power sander.

But it sounds great and often looks gorgeous.
^ I have nice routers and a great bandsaw and sharp tools, its not a problem to work with for me. If you use soft maple you wont have too much trouble.
Make one out of hard maple and paint it bright red and you have an 80s shredding machine..
Yes, better tools make it much easier to work with. If you use dull tools that cannot cut quickly, that's when you get burning problems.
It'll be heavy, but if you don't mind that do it
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