By the Blade of My Knife

Oh, how I must portray.
This sickening life of disarray.
The dichotomous sides I play
Emerge as love and hate.

Perched precariously above,
In sight, the one that I love.
Your beauty like doves
‘Tis your love I am devoid of.

Your gaze strangulating,
My heart palpitating.
Emotions coagulating,
Moral values berating.

This endless mortal strife,
Ended by the blade of my knife,
Through the extermination of life.

Silently I stalk,
Listening as you talk,
Following as you walk.

I’m maliciously love bent
By your intoxicating scent.
With murderous intent
I long to cause you torment.

The sound of your screaming
To my ears like angels singing.
The result of my incessant scheming
Is your final kidnapping.

So long I’ve awaited
For this opportunity created.
Oh, how I will be elated.
When you’re finally sedated.

Barbiturates injected
Loss of consciousness expected.
My sadistic nature reflected.
Moral treatment neglected.

Soon you grow sleepy,
Falling to senseless debris.
With such beauty sprawled before me,
I must explore your body.

Captivating, those strands of brown,
In ways I’ve never thought about.
That sea of solace in which to drown.
In which to mitigate my permanent frown.

Endlessly falling into your eyes,
Vast oceans of brown in disguise.
How I’ll miss their clear sparkle and shine
After your unfortunate demise.

Your face a sight so divine,
Your lips begging for mine.
I trace my fingers up your spine
As I kiss you a final goodbye.

As you stir and awaken,
You seem visibly shaken.
Your life will be taken,
For the love you’ve forsaken.

Such a sick sensation,
My violent aberration.
I begin my mutilation,
Your climactic degradation.

With a butcher knife I shred,
My vision stained deep crimson red.
Your blood shall be bled.
For this empty life I’ve led.

Face distorted in affliction.
You feed my cruel addiction.
You’re my sanguinary exhibition,
Of compensational perdition.

Rest in peace my darling,
As your eyes cease their sparkling.
Don’t you fret, don’t you worry.
I’ll join you by morning.

I’ll see you waiting for me on the other side.
It’ll cost me everything to finally call you mine.
This love transcending every boundary of life,
Never to depart from me, my forever wedded wife.

This love is eternal.
This love is infernal.

Any suggestions? Comments? Insults?
wonderful diction. extremely colorful vocabulary. you had me running for my dictionary a few times.