Ok, on my search for a decent, free sheet music software, I ran into this website...

This seems to have alot of freeware programs, which I would like to try out.
There always seems to be a popular freeware in different areas (GIMP is a good free image editor, Audacity is a popular audio recorder, etc...) Does anyone know some good freeware shown on here thats worth downloading? (and wont give me viruses)
power tab is a good and free way to tab out stuff. and that blank sheet music place is where i get all my blank sheet music to write stuff wen i dont feel like gettin on the pc
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Power Tab is good for tabbing stuff out, Finale Notepad is good for notation.
Yeah, Finale Notepad is good. I trust that one, because Allegro and Finale are such succesful programs. I use Power Tab for TAB, but Im using Finale Notepad for notation from now on. I want to try some of these synthesizers, but I dont see anything to make loops... (Im sure one of these do)
TuxGuitar is a great program that's essentially the same thing as Guitar Pro. Also, while it's far from free, Sibelius is what I use for non-guitar composing and it's fantastic.