The man has got talent. Whatever he touches turns to gold.

I'd reccomend Endtroducing to anyone and everyone. First album made entirely from samples using a little sampler, a turntable and pro tools. Genius.
i completely agree. building steam with a grain of salt is amazing
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i completely agree. building steam with a grain of salt is amazing

Damn straight. That **** is awesome. And (untitled) makes me laugh as well.

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DJ Shadow is freaking great.

I've got Entroducing, and a live album. The live drums on Entroducing are really great.

I got into Shadow at around the same time as I got into DJ Krush. Krush is pretty great too.

I'd reccomend, if you like Shaow, that you check out Code 4109 by DJ Krush.

but yeah, Shadow hands out the electronic butt rapings.

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Yeah, endtroducing is a great album, shame its dead trendy with whoever makes adverts, soundtracks etc. cos it is more than just background music (Even though it alot of the tracks off the record are great for that ) Alot of criticism I've seen for him lately though, for that album anyways, cos most of the samples he took have not been edited, chopped or anything. Just put altogether. A talent nonetheless but still....

Ain't he into the hyphy scene right now or some ****?
^But even if the thing about the samples were true, you have to take into account the sheer number of them, how well they work together, and the sheer rarity of the sources.

And yes, he's done a hyphy EP as well as that 3 Freaks track. Bah.
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A talent nonetheless but still....
a musical collage, thats what it is

I've been listening to DJ Shadow a lot lately. What similar stuff would people recommend?
UNKLE man, they're brilliant!!
Well, a few of their songs are absolutely brilliant... most are a little meh...
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UNKLE man, they're brilliant!!
Well, a few of their songs are absolutely brilliant... most are a little meh...

DJ Shadow was a member of them for the first album.

Check out Cut Chemist, The Avalanches and Jay Dee (he may not be too similar, but he is amazing all the same.).
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For true sickness check out Quantum Spectrum. It is Blackalicious, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Hieroglyphics, El-p and tons of others on it.

The whole thing is sick except for 2 songs that are just good. The major down side is suffering through stupid ass DJ Mack B-Dog. The guy just wont shut up.

It is a must own just for 'Concentration' which features J5 and 'One of a Kind' (Best song on the album. The flow on this song in phenomenal!!) which has Quannum MCs feat./ Blackalicious, Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow. Too nice.

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Check out some RJD2.

Hell yeah, RJD2 really is the best, most unique DJ out there, I have everything he's done.
DJ Shadow kicks ass too, I just started listening to his Bombay the Hard way cd with Dan the automator, it's called guns, cars, and sitars haha.
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Building Steam with a grain of salt FTW.
I got into him after hearing the extended remix of Organ Doner on that Birdhouse skate video (forgot the name now, its been a while). it was on andrew reynolds' part.
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This guy is freaking awesome. His live versions are so much better then his studio versions though.

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just heard of Endtroducing yesterday, now im looking all over town for a place to buy it.

musical genius. pure musical genius