so ive been wanting to write songs for awhile and ive tried, but i never really felt connected to my lyrics.

well i met this girl who i completely fell in love with, it was my fault, she had a boyfriend, but i couldnt help but fall in love with her. she led me on, even tho i knew what she was doing i didnt want to believe she was just playing me because i oved her that much. it finally ended he she told me what she really thought of me, it broke my heart.

but i now had a chance and the experience to write a wonderful song, with meaning and power. its not perfect, in fact this is just the first draft, but it means so much to me i just wanted to share it. THANK YOU to anybody who actually read this, i know u dont care u dont even know me, but i appreciate it. really.

so heres the song

[intro type deal]
I freeze like heat
and i float like concrete
yet again ive met defeat
you throw fake roses at me feet

but when i want so bad for my sake
and ive tried so damn hard
and ive come so damn far
i expect a little more than
a second hand "I love you"
still i go on believin
cause i dont want the truth
its gotta mean somethin
cause i love her too

all the fake things and real things
look the same from afar
but one major difference
is that one will leave scars
but its better than wasting
your life and heart
all just for this
love that dont exist

will i ever see
that its all the same
im chasin false prosperity
no lose no gain
but when ive come so damn far
and ive tried so damn hard
sometimes this unreality
is better than the pain

thats what i got so far
any input, be it positive or negative is vastly appreiciated
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