hey pit!
hears the deal. im bored as hell and i like online rpg's. I'm using my brothers laptop because my pc is fried so i cant download anything. and its not like i have credit card to pay for a subcription to a game since im only 14.

so, does the pit knowof any browser based mmorpg's that are FREE.

and dont say runescape. i got over that games years ago.

thanks in advance...
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and dont say runescape. i got over that games years ago.

haha i was gonna say runescape lol
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this will burn time (not MMO tho, sucks for you, you can try runescape lolwut)
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I want to know the same. I am 13 so yeah. I know a game called ikariam.com.
It is a great game but i play it way to much so i want ot find a game like it.
Does anybody play board games anymore?

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