Hey guys, i'm back getting ready for a build from almost scratch, i have available to me a blank of 1.5 " honduras mahogany for neck and body, and my plan is to make a set in neck.

I will be constructing the body and neck myself, fretting the fingerboard (off stewmac) and assembly now my concearn is order of build due to lack of tools... all i have is a jig saw, hand saw, dremel, router, .. umm i think thats it? aside from a power drill and maybe a belt sander

So i was wondering

a) if worked carefully is 1.5" inches wide enough? (cuz its either that or 2" and i dont have anything big enough to bring that down....) the body will most likely b 2 pieces glued

b) i know the body is done separatly and cavity for neck pocket is made, but i was wondering about the neck: what to do first? glue on angled head stock? install truss rod + fretboard? Profile it to fit?

- the easiest way i see would be for me to roughly shape it (not profiled tho) then install truss rod + fretboard + headstock, then profile and shape the extension (for the neck pocket)...

any suggestion on what i should do first?

will buy wood within a week if the lumber yard has it and post picks....

thanks for the advise!
Here is how to make a neck out of Honduran mahogany. It's simple:

First make your blank

Slot (and dye if needed) your fretboard:

rout truss rod:

rough cut neck

Install truss rod:

shape neck:

add sides to headstock:

nice! detailed pics!
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thanks. also, make sure you plan your neck angle. This guitar is a LP Jr style so I just used a plunge router to angle the bottom of the neck pocket that the neck sits in. You could also angle the bottom of the tenon.