I wrote this song and i would really like to play it for my gf and sing along with it but im not sure if my vocals are to embarrassing to sing in front of my gf when im trying to impress her? could any one give me advice/ tell me if its worth singing this to my gf? I WILL C4C Heres the link. http://www.myspace.com/angrynationalistcorpses the song is the first one called the man you think i am
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dude... was that the first time you played and sang at the same time? but seriously it sounds un even or like your delaying some parts of the riff more than the others when your singing. well thats how i honestly felt dont be pissed. oh and your voice isnt bad it sounds a bit like bob dylan
your voice isn't bad, there is in fact some potential in there.
But you should work your pitch and break off from the riff, I mean, you pretty much sang the riff, wich make the song really boring.
Anyway, work on your pitch and try create melodies over your riff cause your voice is good.
Honestly, why should you feel like you are trying to impress her? From my experience no matter what she will love it if she loves you.
Learn what timing is. Im not gonna lie like everyone else, that was pretty bad. You need to work on both singing and playing for sure.
it's not terrible, i think you should sing it for her, she won't know the difference anyways . Your vocals when you're playing the A chord and singing "the man you think i am" sound a little off. i'm not sure what it is, but your voice seems to be clashing with the chord. Also, try to get more of a melody into the vocals, it sounds like it mostly keeps the same notes and rhythm as the guitar part. just keep practicing singing and playing at the same time, and you'll get more used to the multitasking and be able to separate the parts even more. i like the song though, it's really chill.

(btw you spelled Megadeth wrong in your influences section)

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your voice isn't really the problem
I thought the song as a whole really isn't good at all
no offense, just keep working at it
sing it for her though, she'll probably at least like that you tried, even if she doesn't like the song