Ive been playing old metal like metallica megadeth pantera etc, and got into Iced earth a few years ago, since then I cant find anything that gets my attention. I see all these weird metal bands that Ive never heard of

Whats a few good songs by the better metal bands now?
You'll probably like Lamb of God... start with Ashes of the Wake(which has Chris from Megadeth soloing)
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"rec thread" by the metal forum. really cool solo in that one.

^btw, Lamb of God is not metal. don't introduce them here into this forum.

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any song by deftones
try "beware" or "change"

^also not metal in the least bit. Their singer jut moans in all his songs.
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No problem.

And yeah, Power Metal is a good genre for those who are making the transition into more underground music.

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