Im trying to record acoustic guitar using its piezo pick up into my toneport, and bypassing gearbox into reaper. When I record and play back in reaper its very quiet.

What can i do? Is there sometype of pre amp in gearbox or reaper that will make the signal louder?
yea the toneports all have a preamp for each input at the front panel.
you should be able to run a cable between the guitar and interface, turn up the preamp, and then record.

if needed, normalize the audio.

You can also try micing the guitar with an MXL 990 and 991
thank you for responding,

I have a toneport GX (probably should have mentioned that) Which just has the 1/4 inch in. I though the pre amp in the guitar would be enough to make a large enough signal.

If i strum hard the sound records at a good volume, but finger picking single notes almost doesn't show up at all.

I have amplitude too if that counts
I'm not familiar with with the Toneports, but it sounds like you need a preamp. You've got to add gain to the signal of the piezo, as it's extremely weak.

I'm using a Fast Track Pro, and you can hear samples of my homemade piezo in my profile.
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