What are your top five fave guitars. Mine are,

1. Gibson SG doubleneck (A prog rockers dream come true)
2. Gibson ES335 (Cool because they are so uncommon these days)
3. 1957 Mustard Yellow Fender Strat (Just so handsome and classic)
4. Gibson SG (Cool because it is the under dog to the Les Paul)
5. Rickenbacker 4001 (The prog rockers bass)
1) Fender Strat (American made, of course, with a tobacco burst)
2) Jackson DS-1 (It fits my body perfectly)
3) Seagull S6 (1 <3 Seagull acoustics)
4) Schecter Diamond C++ (Somthing about those guitars, I love the neck)
5) My crappy Woods acoustic (Been with me since the beginning, probably be with me till the end. It's my workhorse and always leaves me feeling inspired )
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1. Gibson SG
2. Dean Razorback
3. Ibanez VBT700
4. Gibson Les Paul
5. All vintage stratocasters
(yes I do like metal, hence the razorback in second)
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Stratocaster fan...
1.jackson rr1 rawwwwwr
2.gibson les paul
3.ibanez rg prestige 1570 (because of the thin necks :P)
4.schecter c-1 fr is just ****ing beautiful.period.
5.fender strat (american) its got somethin about it but i generally preferr any other than this
1) Fender Telecaster
2) Paul Reed Smith.
3) Gibson SG.
4) Gretsch White Falcon.
5) Gibson Les Paul.
1. Fender Stratocaster
2. Gibson ES-335
3. Gibson SG
4. Gibson Explorer
5. Ibanez JEM
squier p bass= sounds like ****
squier p bass= ****
squier p bass= leaves me feeling inspired
squier p bass= not as good as jazz bass
eddie van halens guitar= the best
1. I love the Les Paul shape.
2. I love the Telecaster shape.
3. The Fireman shape.
4. Flying V.
5. SG.
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1. Gibson Doubleneck (Stairway love!)
2. Gibson Les Paul
3. Blackie. (Clapton's Strat)
4. Gibson SG.
5. The incredible Wangcaster!
1.) Gibson Les Paul DC Pro
2.) Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty (like the Jimmy Page one w/ a Bigsby)
3.) Gibson Flying V (3 Pickups and a trem)
4.) Fender Telecaster
5.) Gibson ES-335
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson SG
Fender Stratocaster
Jackson Randy Rhoads
Fender Telecaster
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I only have one guitar. Its a Lefty Dean Electric Playmate 09HS. Lol. But I just started to learn to play the guitar.

I hope to get an American-made Fender strat when I get good though.
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I always thought the Telecaster was an ugly guitar. Too simple in Design.

Funny thing is, that particular body has a tone of its own.

Not only that they're the first electric guitars made.
1) ESP M-1 NTB
2) Gibson Les Paul
3) Ibanez RGT42se
4) ESP Explorer (the 80's style)
5) Alvarez electrics (thats right..)
Framus Diablo Custom (The best guitar I've ever played)
Gibson Explorer
Fender Strat
Framus Morrigan
Gibson Les Paul
Ready for THE ultimate top 5?

- Suhr Custom 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
- Zion Primera
- Jackson SL2H/RR1/KE2/KV1
- Music man Luke
- Ibanez J-custom
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