I wasn't sure if this was discussed in The Dark Knight thread and wasn't about to wade through 43 pages to find out, so I just created a new one. Sorry if I broke a UG rule or three doing this.

Who do you think the next villain will be? I've got a detailed idea in mind; I'll copy and paste it from a different discussion board.

1. Please don't say the evolving story would HAVE to include Catwoman. Everybody who says the story is naturally going towards Catwoman isn't thinking. Just because Rachel is dead doesn't mean that Catwoman is necessary. All that's "necessary" (although it's really not) is a new love interest for Bruce.
2. The Riddler seems to be the direction the movies are going in. Think about this: in the newer comics, the Riddler is like a detective solving clues instead of leaving them. In the old ones, he leaves clues at crime scenes. The obvious way to do it, I think is to make him both a killer and a cop-aid. Batman has a villain to chase and the villain gets to chase Batman at the same time. The Riddler would kill his victims and leave clues at the crime because he is a sick, twisted man who revels in being chased and almost wants to be caught because in a way, he wants the help from Arkhum (sp?) Asylum. At the exact same time, he's a detective trying to find Batman who eventually figures out who Bruce really is (hey, it happens in the comics, don't flame me for suggesting it). Makes for an interesting, different premise from what's already been done.
3. If they must recast the Joker, they should use Daniel Day Lewis. He'd be good.
4. Two Face is, I am certain, still alive. (Unless, of course, they recast the Joker, in which case perhaps having more than two villains would be too much - ie Spiderman 3).

Two Face and the Riddler seem logical, with the Joker's role perhaps limited to a cameo. That way, they can have the Riddler play towards the public's infatuation towards a killer obsessed with carnage, and keep Eckhart's role alive, whose acting is the most under-rated part of TDK.
We'll definitely NOT see more of The Joker. I don't understand why people are so adamant about re-casting The Joker when Christopher Nolan effectively dismissed the notion.
of course it will be the riddler. who else would fit?
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what about The Penguin?

Personally, I've never been a fan of the Penguin. And I believe Christopher Nolan was asked about that option and was like "That would be...tricky" and to me, that implies a "Doubt it".

One other villain that would be amazing is definitely Black Mask, but I don't think he's going to be in the third (although he could be as sick and twisted as Joker or the Riddler's possibility if they wanted him to be).
um 2 face pulls comeback from the dead move? good plot twist there
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isnt that Harvy Dent guy gonna be two face in the next movie? but the riddler would be freakin awesome !!!!
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I still prefer The Penguin. Hes got this umbrella that flys on its own and sprays knockout gas at the same time, and his name is The Penguin!
Yeah it seems pretty logical that it will be The Riddler and (probably) Two-Face. Now on to the fun part. Who would make a good Riddler?
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um 2 pulls comeback from the dead move? good plot twist there

The fall that Two Face suffered was left open-ended. He may be alive. Gordon may have quietly put him in Arkhum Asylum, and the funeral/memorial would have been fake in order to preserve the identity of Harvey Dent.
Anybody but the Penguin. That guy just sucks and he pisses me off.
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I think The Riddler is a good possibility. Actors are already expressing interest in the role.

And we'll definitely see more of the Joker.

Jim Carrie = The ONLY Riddler.
Obviously it will either be the Riddler ......
or the peguin dude....
or the freeze guy.....
or the poison ivy girl....
or the joker again....
or an entirely new criminal mastermind.....

You'll never know....
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