hi. i'm a 21 years old guitarist. i think i have gained morderately enough speed for the type of music im interested in playing. for example i can play the solo of tornado of souls(megadeth) or the track altitude (jason becker) fairly well.

but the problem is... i never worked out in my life and im underwaight with no muscles at all . im thinking about starting a little work out in the gym (3 days a week about 1.5 hours each session) but i've heard that if i start working out, my guitar playing ability will degrade since the muscles start to stiffen up.

what should i do? is this really a serious issue? i mean i'm more into shredding and which means i have to keep up my shredding speed . whats the best method for working out while keeping up the steady pace for learning to play guitar?

thanks a lot
That's a load of crap. Just play consistently, and you'll fine just like everyone else. If you don't play that often, you'll start losing it like everyone else.
ok who ever told you that is retard.... sure i might not be able to shred as well as you most likely but workin out in the gym wont effect your playing in anyway possible. so just forget what they told you and jus dont worry about it
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I do alot of lifting (however, I'm off due to injury) and I really, I haven't had a problem with it. I think the problem only comes in when you've been lifting for a super long time, and you're pretty huge muscular-wise. I know George Lynch had a problem with it when he was seriously into weights.

My best suggestion would be to keep working out, and keep playing guitar. If you feel too much tension, loosen up, play with less tension and whatnot. Its not really a serious issue me thinks and for the most part, it could be a myth.

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hey d00d i herd u dont like shred u r a genius 4 thinkin dat. all shred is fukin lame wit no soul u no wat im sayin??
I'm at the gym every day and I've never noticed any detriments to my playing. The only tip I can give you is to make sure you do the exercises correctly; if you do something wrong or use too much weight you can screw up your hand/wrist/forearm which would certainly impact you.

So just know what you're doing, be safe and know you'll be fine.
Just look at John Petrucci.

You'll do fine.
and i sit and wonder, falling under .
It's beginning to become evident that it's GOING to be a problem for me..I'm 18, and I've been pretty into lifting and working out for a good solid four years now..so I figure I keep my regimen pretty static, and stretch consistently, I should be just fine.

Don't worry about it. If you're as scrawny and weak as you intimate, and if you're only working out a few hours a week, don't sweat it.

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I highly doubt that if you keep a consistent practice schedule and you work out a few times a week that it will harm your playing. Of course, I really don't have any experience on the matter; I'm a runner.
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I'm at the gym every day

o_o Isn't that a bit unhealthy?

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Just look at John Petrucci.

You'll do fine.

Actually I've heard many people say that they can see that JP is tensed up when he plays.

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hey d00d i herd u dont like shred u r a genius 4 thinkin dat. all shred is fukin lame wit no soul u no wat im sayin??
yea, it shouldn't matter.

I don't/can't shred for anything in the world in the first place, but I've been lifting for four years straight just about and I haven't noticed a real decrease in speed or anything.

If you're really that worried about it, stretch your fingers, hand, wrists, and forearm muscles cosistantly.
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o_o Isn't that a bit unhealthy?

Nah, it's fine because I don't do the same thing- I switch it up every other day. For example, one day I'll do an extensive upper body workout without abs and light cardio, next day I'll do a heavier cardio workout with abdominal work as well. It's just about balance, really.
thanks for your replies guys. i'll work out for a couple of weeks without pushing myself too hard and see how things go. hopefully it wont affect my guitar playing

thanks a bunch