I bought the guitarport xt the other day and it came with guitarport software and when i downloaded it it downloaded riffworks also.I just went to record on riffworks and it told me I need to activate with some code or buy it,where do I find said code? or am I going to have to pay another 100 bucks to record?It just doesnt make snse to me that it would download riffworks for me then not let it work.
can anyone answer this question and if I have to buy it is there anyway to record it with just the guitarport and my computer? I just wrote a good new song and want to make sure I dont forget it lol
you dont record with riffworks, you record with gearbox.

im assuming if riffworks was supposed to come with it, it would have a code in plain site. if else, its a demo.

i have the toneport as well, the smallest version tho.
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is there any other way to record using the guitar port because I really dont have the money right now and the way the guy at guitar center was talking about it it sounded like it came with everything needed to record.Damn You GC
I have a guitar port. Works well for recording...

It does. Adjust your audio properties (right-on the little speaker for volume, select Adjust Audio Properties, go to the "Audio" tab and change the "sound recording" device to line 6 guitar port) so it's the default recording device. Then download audacity, plus in whatever guitar or microphone you're using, press record.

Audacity is heaven sent.
"some code"?

If its the same as my Toneport, in the ****ing box it came in.
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