(The title is "Sun" in French)

Always left out to dry my love,
Like clean linen in the rain,
The sun doesn't cast its shine on me,
Instead it's killed by a cloud,
And it feels like nothing in this world
Can cure this

Anything you say
Anything you do
Nothing you can hear
Nothing you can see
Everything is possible when you sing

War and peace and
Everything in between
All the things
That define you and me
Now seem small
As the moon to the sun

The future we face is nothing
Compared to our moments
All those moments of happiness and joy
All those days of just laying in the grass
And all those nights under the stars
I wish to make more memories
That would leave good scars
On my heart

I sit and wait for it to sink in
As the sun shines on my hands
Slowly warming my skin
Never have I felt so alive.

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense