What is a good string gauge for just about everything on an acoustic guitar? By everything, I mean alternate tunings (both high and low), loose enough for slapping (see Miyavi courtesy of Youtube for examples), and good clarity with all of this.
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A set you'D get used to playing, don't start using many different you'd may find little improvements but in the long run sticking with one will get your muscles used to it.

By the way, people usually start searching elsewhere when they find themselves comfortable with what they've got, that means play more on your guitar and you'll get better instead of switching and starting over again.
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medium-light or medium would be a good guage. even light would be alright for doing what you want.
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Thanks for the reply's and in response to Gabe's answer, Im simply looking for a good all around gauge for doing whatever. I've played different gauges and I use mainly 12's on my acoustic and light top, heavy bottom on my electric (10-54/56). Wasn't sure if it was the best choice but I now see many people suggest them.