it was alright... i like viracocha more, but overall I wasn't really blown away. I myself am more into modern rock, delving a bit into prog rock, and the songs didn't really seem to stand out to me too much. the drums at the end of viracocha were the only bits that I actually enjoyed. the reason why i am saying this is because I think prog rock songs should stand out, have reasons as to why you have time changes, have interesting 'solos'.

the composition was great, especially for the bass and drums. the guitars seemed boring... especially since you have 2 guitarists. I would push more of a melodic sense for 1 of the guitars, while the other plays around with interesting chords and progressions. thats not to say its completely meant to have 1 guitar doing melody and the other doing rhythm through the ENTIRE track. just give each instrument its distinct reason for being in the song.