Hey everyone, I'm looking to replace the stock tubes that came with my Laney VC30 because there quite harsh and trebley. I'm looking to get a more warmer sound from the amp so decided it would probably get the tubes replaced. The tubes are 3xECC83 and 4xEL84, Would it be best to do a whole re-tube or just the pre-amps? What manufacturer would give a nice, warm bluesy tone?

Thanks for anyones help!!
I'm surprised you're getting a bad sound out of a VC30. What guitar are you using?

If you're sure it's the valves that are the issue (i.e. you've tried twiddling everything else) then I'd start by changing the pre-amp valves first (because they're cheaper). If it's the overdrive that is too tinny, you could try using ECC81s which are the same as ECC83s but with a lower gain but I've never tried this, would be an interesting experiment and they don't cost too much.
Turn the treble down?
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The nature of the amp is quite harsh and trebely, but apparently the stock TADs are pretty good valves, id just look into some jjs or tung-sols to swap out. Check the laney thread out, youll get a pretty good awnser there.
i don't like to hijack peoples threads, but i'm getting the same problem. I turn the treble to 3 and it numbs the harshness a bit but its still there. i have the bright switch engaged because its too muffled sounding without it if i have the treble at 3, but if i turn the treble up and turn bright off, it still sounds harsh. my mids are at 6 and bass at 4.

And its not the guitar that causes it - even my Epiphone Sheraton sounds harsh through it, and thats a gentle, smooth sounding guitar. Teles and strats, oddly enough, sound awesome through it on these settings! its just a bit harsh with humbuckers... which is odd...
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It's jsut the amp dears, but eqing helps alot, i have a jag with one meg pots and cheapo harsh singles, probably the brighest guitar known to man , but cranking the bass a bit and rolling down the tone on my guitar keeps me satisfied, i tend to just use the neck pickup alone or combined with the bridge so save my ears.

Maybe an EQ pedal in the loop would be a good idea.