inspired by the 'scrunch or fold' thread..

how many wipes does it usually take you?
for me, id say half the roll of TP

EDIT:if it only takes you like 3..explain to us how you do this! i would like to learn your secret, for im tired of carrying a plunger everywhere i go.
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Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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At first I thought this thread was about wiping your ass.

Then I read the thread and realized I was right.

not many.
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It really depends on how big it is... usually about 20 sheets
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Totally depends on the poo
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1 wipe. seriously. I fold my toilet paper (3 squares) and i just wipe once.

Then I go into the shower and i proceed to wash my buttocks. Seriously.
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did anyone else read this as "how many wipes does it take to reach the center of your asshole?"

goddamn tootsie pop commercials have scarred me for life
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Mostly once, some times between 3-9000000000000000006785675696785675679677568765856
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Well, I gotta say it varies. Could be anywhere from 1 wipe, you know when you have one of those miracle sh*ts and there is nothing to actually wipe after? all the way to a whole roll for one of those nasty nights you ate Indian food because your date just wanted to go for indian food.. those are the dark times.. on average about 2-4 wipes.

I have a hairy anus that does not want to let go of poo, so about a dozen.

I poo in massive amounts....

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