Ive been working on this project for about 3 months now. The picture doesnt do it much justice, and I need to get more up, but heres the body and the part of the pickguard that came with it.

When I bought it from Ebay, it was black. It looked like ****, but came with neck, body, and pickup. I LOVE it now, and would put it up against any other bass Ive ever used.

I have $40 in the body/neck/pickup
$9.65 in one set of tuners (I ended up buying 2 sets)
$25.99 in the other set
$25 in paint and laquer
$11 in 2 pots and a pack of caps (Which I didnt use)
$32 in a Fender Pickguard that didnt fit.

I thought it was a cheap project, and I like it.
(Oh yes, guess I should mention it is a Slammer by Hamer Chapparral)

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