idk if this is the right forum, so sorry in advance if its not..but--

one of our bands possible songs, we(the guitarists) came up with some stuff, and just used a simple drum loop on my pedal, considering our drummer wasnt available at the time:/
so this is kind of an early,sloppy version, with mostly improvised solo parts..
so go a little easy on us, but i would like your opinions

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both the tone of the guitars and the key clashes
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that was different than i expected. better than i thought. for an early version tho haha

EDIT: heres my suggestion though. instead of always playing in unison except for the solo parts, put one melody behind another sometimes just so its not like the same thing over and over you know? just play around with some stuff. an example of what im talking about is in the death and the healing right near the begining of the solo.
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A bc rich.

EDIT: work on layering different melodies together. the keys do clash and they dont feel as a whole when played together [you guys also get out of time, you guys get ahead of the drums]. good work though
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this doesn't belong in the Pit.

you already made this same thread in Electric Guitar
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