Hi all:

I have a stock "Fat Strat" and a Vox tube amp, and I'm of average skill on guitar (but practicing).

I'm thinking about buying a multi-effects pedal, because even though they represent a fairly high initial cost, they still seem a lot cheaper than buying dozens of seperate pedals, and are a lot more versitile. The two I have my eye on are the:

Digitech RP500

Digitech GNX4

Both seem pretty smoking, but the descriptions and features are confusing me. The RP500 seems to emulate a TON of effects and amps that aren't listed on the GNX4 description. But the GNX4 has recording capabilities and a drum box, which are sweet features, and then even less stuff to buy down the road.

Not really being familiar with either of these, I need some advice before spending the hard earned cash. Am I losing out on versatility if I get the GNX4? Can it do everything the RP500 can and more? Or is the GNX4 giving me the drum and recording features at the expense of the other guitar effects?

Is there anything I should be aware of before buying one of these? My musical tastes are pretty broad, and will play anything from Jim Croce to Metallica, and want something versatile enough to emulate my favorite guitarists and bands. At the same time, I don't want to skimp and not get the advanced features now, only to have to spend more $$$ later on them, unless they are useless.
RP500 has Recording functions as well as X-Edit.

Rp500 is AWESOME too, no switching complete patches, when you can have the stompbox like feel.
One UGer got some pretty sick tones on a GNX.
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The RP500 is newer technology and will probably give you more FX and better tones. But for practice the 8 track recorder and drum machine is huge value. I have a GNX3 with recorder and rhythm machine and love it. But I only paid $100 for it. I can get some nice tones out of it too.

I'd be torn over the two, but if you need the recorder/looper and drum machine then it's a no brainer. My GNX3 only plays built-in drum patterns, it's not a MIDI drum machine.
only to add on the RP will have AudioDNA2 which I think is superior to the GNX processor.

I have an RP250 which for only $150 new is a great deal. It actually would get you most of everything the 500 has except ability to add/drop effects with a footswitch. There are probably other benefits fo the 500 too.

good luck
I played the RP500 at a guitar center around here, it didn't really impress me, the tone was reaally tinny. Then again, it seems like its something you have to sit down with and tweak to get your sound, so if you don't mind sitting down with it for a while I'm sure it'll have all kinds of effects you'd get a kick out of. I just didn't want to spend the money to find out it didn't have any tone.
another good reason for the 250 maybe. They seem to hold there resale value very well and should sound very similar to the 500. Obviously play before you pay if you can. You would also have some budget left over possibly for a real pedal as well depending on your amp and styles, an Overdrive pedal like a Bad Monkey for $50 is hardly ever a bad investment.

not suggesting you combine the sounds of these 2 tho.
i hope that digitech will make new GNX processors because gnx4 and 3000 are a little old...
the GNX4 is the flagshipmodel for digitech. Its Rp500 +more.
Built-in 8-track digital recorder
6 channels of audio streaming
Mic preamp with 48V phantom power for recording vocals
Stereo line inputs
JamMan Delay Looper with 8 levels of undo
I have a 500, and I love it. I get a little bit more of a stiffy every time I plug it in. One of these days my junk is gonna shatter from pure brittleness.

It's (the 500) very sturdy, price-worthy, and the tones and fx are killer.

I do miss the drum machine. It does have a 1/8" stereo line-in, tho, so you could pump in backing tracks from pc/ipod/etc.

I have an RP50 for portability and mobile practice. The 500 is built like a tank, and I achieved (IMO) amazing sounds with tiny tweaks of the factory presets. The controls are very simple and easy to tweak. I haven't tried the x-edit software yet.

The RP50 sounded like crap when I ran it to my amp - no tonal depth or bottom end. The 500 sounds sweet.

I was worried when I went to buy it that I would be disappointed based on some reviews that kinda trashed on it, but it quickly won me over.

I guess it depends on intended use. My use: Live sound, private practice, occasional recording. This unit excels at being a live performance machine. And I would speculate that it would do well in a recording environment too. I like it loud and dirty, and play classic rock/metal (80's hair stuff, a little bit of 90's, and even some newer stuff like Breaking Benjamin and Killswitch Engage).
The GNX uses the last gen AudioDNA processor(as well as the older RP series). The newer RP series use the AudioDNA2. Digitech claims the AudioDNA2 is 4x more powerful than the AudioDNA. So there is no "GNX" processor.

The 8 Track recorder, Looper, and MIDI Drum Machine of the GNX4 put it in a class of it's own. I have both a GNX3 and a GNX4. If you want the recorder/looper then it's a no brainer, get the GNX4. You can get good tones out of the GNX4 if you put in some effort. I wouldn't expect to get that much better results from the RP500 unless you put in just as much effort.

It will be a shame if Digitech drops the built-in recorder from their next generation of GNX's (if there is to be a next gen). The GNX4 can store up to 2 Gig of MP3 backing tracks and uncompressed recordings. In stereo no less. You can't even do that with the $300 Jamman.