I just ordered my Hello Kitty Strat, and an active SD Blackout bridge, so I need a shred-style neck, preferably 24 frets, standard nut, sharkfin/sharktooth inlays, anybody have anything?
schecters dont sell individual parts anymore deans are fast but kinda chunkier than most jacksons are fast and sleek. if you can find a schecter neck buy because it is fast as hell.
yea the neck on both of my schecter's are pretty bad ass but they aren't as fast as the Dime Razorback I just got rid of, that thing was sweet man it was a "V" shaped neck I also like Dean's "d" shaped neck alot too, the higher end VMNT's have it.
Are you getting a new body to put the Hello Kitty scratch plate onto? I mean, isn't the one it comes with a junky piece of Agathis?
Anyway, Kudos to you for trying this and have you looked on ebay?