But before I make my final decision I just wanna hear some Advice. My budget is 400 bucks. I play pop/punk/metal/alternative/acoustic, and i need something giggable. I'm pretty set on the Peavey Valveking 112 version. It's perfect for what I need and I've played through it and i really like it.

So what I'm asking is there anything else I should check out before buying it? My local store will give it to me 400 out the door.

I've tried a Randall rg50tc, and i dont really like it.

No one sells B-52 AT-100's around here

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If you want to crank the volume and sature the tubes with overdrive & distortion a single-speaker combo could get 'Stiff' at band volume, be sure to crank it up in the shop to hear the difference between shopping volume and real life juicy speaker implosion.

Myself I have a fender hotrod deluxe and I will need a 2*12 cab since a single speaker can't handle the work I'm imposing on it at high volume, so instead of buying a 2*12 cab with your combo get a 2*12 right away, I'm pretty sure I've seen some valvekings with that configuration.

Again, maybe you need less than I do, your call in the end, have a nice (whatever time lapse you're in) !
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thanks man^^ but all i can afford is the 112, i might buy an avatar later.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Coming soon: Egnater Tweaker