I'm thinking about buying a new guitar. And I really love the Epi Firebird Studio (Cherry =D). But I really don't know how it sounds =/ . So I'm wondering, would it be ok for the music I play ? I play punk rock and alternative stuff, such as Rancid, Descendents, blink-182, Sum 41, Bowling For Soup, All Time Low (and Angels And Airwaves too, but that's another style)... And if it can handle these bands, what would be the "overdrive limit" ?

Thanks everyone =D

PS : Excuse me for my bad english.
I think it would be fine for you. The skies the limit with overdrive as far as those styles are concerned as long as the amp is also appropriate.
Firebird + Alternative/punk = perfect
Pretty much any guitar will do any genre. I honestly think standard Telecaster neck pickups are the best for Drop-D riffing, so do whatever you like. It might not give you the same exact tone and feel as your favorite artists but it's about being you and yes that guitar will handle copious amounts of overdrive to push it into any style within reason.

Well that and I love Firebirds and Thunderbirds because they're just not seen often enough. Not that I own one or probably ever will (too much of a Fender guy, I'd go for a Jazzmaster) but they're still great guitars.
Well big thanks to all you guys I really might buy it.

Btw I freaking love Muse too =D Saw them live last year, it was the greatest gig i've ever seen.
Saw them last year at Lollapalooza 2007. Apparently the sound on stage was bad and they felt like their performance was off. It wasn't as good as some of the footage I've seen but they seriously tore the place down. The only thing that drove me mad was that they didn't play "Bliss"...