I am in a bind. In a small window of time, I have what could be an outstanding opportunity. I can get either a Epiphone Les Paul Elitist Plus w/Hard case for about $650, or a Epiphone Les Paul Tak Matsumoto for about $800 or so. The problem with both is, I can't actually play them in person. Both are pretty much supposed to be new/mint condition. The elitist at $650 seems to be a really good deal, but I am just not really aware of any common sales that may occur that would make this a fairly normal price?

Get an Agile AL-3x00 series guitar. I am now a fanboy that I own one and I must say it plays like butter and is just amazing... I've never seen an Epiphone with that nice of a finish. And that's just a 2000 series. The 3x00 are a no joke guitar.
Well, ended up getting the LP Elitist. Anybody know if it was a good deal or just a normal sale price?

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