Here's my band's page: http://www.myspace.com/abofaband

The recordings aren't that great, they're only demos and we don't have a real drummer yet or drum mics so bear with us on that
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Excellent stuff. Very clean recordings, band is very together, and every one sounds good. I really like the lead guitar and the bass sounds great when it gets funky. Keep it up and maybe we can do away with all the CRAP music in the world!
Firstly, listening to "The Latest One" the bass sounds way too loud and sounds really thumpy, which doesn't work very well in this song. Other than that everything sounds really good - especially the lead guitar. Unfortunately, the bass is definitely WAY too loud and detracts a LOT from the song. Other than that slight issue in terms of dynamics, everything sounds really groovy. I can imagine some nice bluesy vocals fitting well to this tune as well. You might want to try and end on a ninth chord. I don't have my guitar at the moment and I don't have perfect pitch but this is how you play the E9 chord. Actually, if you were playing in E this would be a great ending to that tune (you can move this to whatever key you're playing in):


Onto the next song, "Jam in D Flat" - the bass sounds MUCH better. I like the break for the drums, though I think things would sound better if the fills were more defined and intricate but that's cool. It sounds great when the bass comes back in and things slowly start to pick up and get more and more groovy. This is a very funky tune and it's got an awesome groove.

Moving on to "Hurricane" I like the bassline a lot, but at times the rhythm guitar feels kinda of off or sloppy. I like the lead guitar playing but it sounds almost out of time at points. I like the bass groove at 2:14 - it sounds great. Once again, the bass volume in this is very good. The ending, unfortunately, was a it sloppy. This is a good track, but it needs some tightening up in terms of keeping everything going together well.

Last but not least is "Highway One", and I must say I'm loving the bassline. Honestly, I think the bass could be a tiny bit louder because it really pushes the song forward (also, I think the ride cymbal needs to be a tad louder). I really like the tone of the lead guitar - it's very fitting. Once again, you've got a groovy tune here and besides a few rhythmic issues everything seems to sound really good.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to your stuff quite a bit. It was very relaxing and it didn't feel as if you were trying to be something you weren't, which is good. The only real thing I can sense that needs improvement are the slight timing issues.

If you've got a chance, check out my myspace and let me know what you think http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
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Really like your stuff. The world needs more bands like you guys.
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Glad to see another blues player!! Your solos are awesome man.
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