alright so heres the deal, me and two friends formed a band a while ago and i've written around 4 songs on guitar. problem is we have no drummer or bassist and no recording gear besides an e609 mic.
We play Death Metal/Black Metal
So heres what i need:
Interface: should be USB and compatible with vista
Recording Software: Again must be compatible with Vista, easy to use and work with VSTi Plug-Ins (e.g. EZ Drummer)
Drum Machine: I'm thinking EZ Drummer and the DFH expansion should be good, but i want one thats fairly easy to make good metal beats with. Hydrogen is far too tedious and just sounds bad.
We might want another mic for vocals too.
So is there anything else i should consider, I'm very grateful for your suggestions.
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Most M-Audio, PreSonus, and EMU gear is working with vista and so I would look into those. The EMU 0404 is a USB 2.0 interface with a ton of features and nice preamps. The drivers are stated to work on Vista however I have not tried them yet and dont know how stable they are...

how many inputs on the interface do you want/need?
Try to go with USB 2.0 compared to 1.1 as you will reduce latency a lot. Phantom power is a nice feature to have on an interface as well.

Reaper is a good software and supports VSTi

MXL 990/991 set is a great buy and works well for vocals and acoustic guitar.
The 991 can also be used to mic cabs and drums too.
alright so i just got reaper so thats solved
mainly i'd like the interface to be around 200 USD but 300 would be ok too
Don't really need a lot of inputs, even if it just has one, thats fine. I just want it to sound nice, then worry about features.
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EMU 0404 USB is pretty hard to beat. I was looking for a budget, good quality USB interface without having to pay extra for loads of gizmos I'd never use (like digital effects, etc) and this was the winner. Sounds great, works perfectly and is simple to use.
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And the EMU 0404 USB will work for Vista?
Also i forgot, my computer does not have a firewire input, so only USB 2.0 please.
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Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 Cab
you can always add a firewire port but you only need firewire if you plan to track more than 2 mics at one time...

Anyways yea the 0404 should work with vista although ive yet to try it in person...