i'm new to guitar and i have a chromatic tuner, and want to tune to drop c

i'd plug my guitar into it, and pluck the low string till my tuner says C
then the 5th for G
and continue until strings read CGCFAD, rite?

i did that and was playing and someone told me my guitar was out of tune. also, a friend tuned it and told me it was on drop c, and i plugged it into my tuner and the strings werent reading cgcfad (i cant remember what they were)

plz explain this 2 a noob : ( ( (

also the b thing and the # are confusing, should it be C#G#C#F#A#D#?
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CGCFAD is drop c tuning. the # is called a sharp and the b is a flat.

I guess I could add that if you press the flat button on your tuner (assuming you have one) or your friend tells you to downtune one flat, that will be equivalent to making what would have been the note on your first fret (F if in standard tuning) move down to your second fret. now your open string would be Eb, 1st fret would be E, 2nd fret F. hope that helps
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it should be as you said first C G C F A D. i don't know what the problem is though.
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ok, people ask em this all the time so, either the person who played your guitar and said it was out of tuning was trying to play it as if it were in standard or hes retarded and doesn't know what hes talking about, your strings may have fell out of tuning form being new, or you really didn't tune it right and in this case if your tuner reads c when you pick the lowest string just continue to use the tuner to tune all of your strings

i hope that helps i can be confusing...
If your strings get loose (unplayably loose, a bit is probably alright), you should probably get thicker strings. Makes it easier to play with lower tunings.