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UG, I am 18 and I am sick and tired of doing nothing with my life. I have very few friends, I never do anything fun, and my future looks bleak. Not to mention that I don't have manly good looks to carry me through life. Anyways, I have been doing some research regarding what I should do with my life, and I started reading up on international exchanges through colleges. I would really like to visit a place of my ancestry; either Sweden or Norway. This would involve me getting off of my lazy ass and learning the language and everything. I can save up to probably 10-15k USD by next year; more if I can be motivated.

So, the question I bring before you is: Where should I go to college/where should I go to live. Basically, what should I do with the next 1-4 years of my life. I would love any useful information from locals. (I heard that Sweden has free tuition, is this true?)

I would like to pursue music to an extent, but I'm still not sure what I would major in. Suggestions in this area would be great.

Poll up soon. Thanks for your time.
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Go Sweden. Never been, but statistically speaking it's a great country.
It really matters what kind of person you are.

If you're thinking about moving to another country, think about the fact that you'll have to speak another language the majority of the time.

Personally, I'll be moving (hopefully) to Boston after high school, because it has what I want in a place to live. Do some research.
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i dotn know who that is, but i ****ing lol'd hard.
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Anywhere but here reduces your chance of paying out the ass greatly.

Where is this "here" you speak of?
Since ur from USA, I guess you should go to Canada... you will understand the accent plus I heard it is easier over there so no sweat

If u went abroad like Australia, it's extra hard!
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Where is this "here" you speak of?

Sorry, I'm used to frequenting forums that are U.S. based. "Here" is the U.S.
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Anyone else take advantage of the ability to check all the boxes?

I enabled extra boxes because I can go to college in more than one place.

Thanks for helping, jackass.
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Norway for the cash.
Sweden for the lifestyle.
Canada for the .... well I don't know anything about Canada so... ??? PROFIT
Anywhere in US for staying in your own country.
Other (please post = Austria, Italy or Switzerland) for I've heard that studying music is on a very good level in those countries(dunno that for fact though)

So basically it's a hard choice so that's why I'm not being an jackass and nor will I be helping you by checking all the boxes
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Well, Sweden is a really good country for education. You could look up my hometown, Uppsala. We have a college/university for almost everything. I know a lot of people from the U.S who have come here and really enjoyed it. Lund, is another great city for education. So Sweden has most probably got what you want regarding education.

Im doing the opposite of what you're doing. I'll most probably leave Sweden next year for college somewhere in the U.S by scholarship.
Go to Sweden! It's the place where you're most likely to get laid on the first date!
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Not Sweden, not Norway but Denmark!

Im only saying this because I am danish of course.
But all Scandinavian countries are brilliant, and overall the best places to live on this planet.
So I was looking up a euro train pass, and I think I am gonna be visiting a whole lot of places in europe. Woot.

Anyone know a good way to teach myself swedish?
Where do you live right now?
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Land of Oz (Australia)
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Sweden, I'd say. Not that I've ever been there or anything.
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Without reading the TS's post, I chose Canada.
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Just stay in the US for uni unless there is some special program you are considering (doesn't sound like it). You can do study abroad if you don't want to spent the whole four years there, but most of the best universities are found in the US. Most people I know (from back home outside the US) went to uni in the US or sometimes UK.

As for traveling, that's a whole another story. Would need way more info to give appropriate suggestions.
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But all Scandinavian countries are brilliant, and overall the best places to live on this planet.

Which explains the high suicide and alcoholism rates of course.

The government services are great of course, but you pay through the nose in taxes for them. Studies seem to suggest that people aren't all that much more happy in Scandinavia, so don't just up and go because of what you heard, unless you love the weather and have a fetish for Swedish chicks and control-freak governments.
Finalnd! Land of Metal Gods! I heard all those metal dudes live in Helsinki and go to clubs like Tavastia (i think?) thats what i heard thats where i would go. Cheers.
The quality of my education is not too important. I am mainly thinking about college because it will give me some structure and a place to reside while actually doing something. I am mainly going for the experience. I was thinking about doing an exchange program through my school.

I was also thinking a preemptive trip is in order.
If that's how you feel about your life, I'm afraid your country is not the problem.
You probably have to make some major changes in yourself to make the studies in a foreign coutnry fertile for your education, and personality.
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Yeah sweden's got free tution (uh... most places here anyway) but I wouldn't go here. It's so bland and boring.

Go someplace fun, like all the other places in europe.
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