anyone know a good beginners electric guitar? and if possible how much it is...
I wish people would read stickies more often.

Post your genre(s)/budget.
the squire package i think is the best. it costs 250 and i comes with an amp and cables. its great to learn off of, then in the future you can upgrade according to ur style.

edit: the neck does tend to bend(cheap wood) but thats what makes it so cheap, so make sure you get the insurance, its like $15.
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Wow. Not all Nu Metal bands use Ibanez guitars.

I don't really care for Ibanez but I don't bash them because some bad bands use them.

Give the guy advice instead of just posting nonsense.

My advice is that you should try a guitar without a Tremolo. Starter packages aren't a good idea. Test some stuff out. See what you like the most.
jeremy, you're right.
i just hateee the way ibanez looks.

you should get a strat from the pawn shop cause they're already worn in and cheap and get a fender amp cause it has good overdrive and smooth clean sounds too.