Next week I'm getting an ESP M50. Its geared towards metal, but its pretty versatile. Ive already have an old Yamaha G-100 combo that I love but it lacks distortion. I need a cheap pedal (<$50?) that can cover stuff from The Bends era Radiohead to Tool or Opeth style metal. Anything that would work in that price range? Or do I need more money?
get a used Boss MD-2 or an older HM-2 if you can find one. there both great pedals.
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Save up for a good amp, just thought I'd be the first to throw that out there. The Metal Muff, however, is a great dirt box, they're about $90 new, but I think someone is selling one on here for about $50. (I could be wrong though)
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Im not replacing the amp. the G100 has some of the best cleans Ive heard in a solid state amp. I just need distortion for it. Ive always kind of wanted a muff, is the metal muff good at light stuff too?