I just replaced my pickups and need to get a new distortion/overdrive pedal. I have a Schecter C-1 FR with Dimarzio Evolution pickups in both the neck and bridge positions. I'm running it through a Dunlop 535Q Cry-Baby Wah into a Crate Flexwave head with a Marshall JCM 1960 4X12 Lead Cab. I'm looking for a pedal that has tones ranging from Joe Satriani to Steve Vai, to Dragonforce. As well as other Metal acts. I play mainly lead so i need a good treble and mid boost with a tight and punchy bass end. I don't have and particular price range.
If it helps I'm planning on buying a Peavey 6505+ or XXX head within the next couple months.
I'm also looking at a Bogner Uberschall. I'm not sure because I've never been able to play one, but I've heard it gets some great lead tones.
bogner peavey mesa r ur way to go
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Vai and Satriani both came out with signature distortion pedals. Maybe check those out? Vai's is through Ibanez, Satch's is through Vox.
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I've played the 6505 and XXX and liked the distortion and I've heard good things about a Bogner but haven't played one.
id go for a peavey jsx amp. wont need pedals
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I've played the 6505 and XXX and liked the distortion and I've heard good things about a Bogner but haven't played one.

You know bogners are like wayyy more pricey than the 6505 and xxx eh? Actually I'd recommend the Peavey JSX. If you want satch tone you might as well get the satch amp.

EDIT: Damn he beat me to the JSX idea:P
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+1 to the JSX.

If you're looking for shred tones, the 5150/6505 isn't the way to go, neither is the Uberschall. Both are pretty much all out metal amps, though they can get good leads, just not well suited for shred (imo). If you want a Bogner, get an XTC, otherwise get a Peavey JSX, Carvin Legacy or Carvin x100b (the latter of the 3 which can be found VERY cheap used and is a great amp).
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